MK11 Ford Consul Zephyr & Zodiac owners club

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 Mk11 Owner's Club Spares.

Parts are Only Available to current Paid up Club Members.

Please do not leave your orders to the last minute.

Can you also read the following before referring to the lists below: 

All applications for spares are processed by Club volunteers. 

Be Patient.

When you have made contact, can you be ready to quote your Club membership number and remember they are giving up their time to help you and process your request.  

Bear in mind that Certain parts are either produced in Limited production runs or may have to be purchased as a bulk order to keep costs reasonable, Please,when you contact your respective Owners Club representative also confirm your postage charge(s) and the availability or the next expected production date. 

The Owners club spare parts are processed by Individual club members each responsible for different parts ranges. For our Subscribing members please refer to your copy of "News on Two's" for Contact details and prices.

For Full access to our "CZZ Club Spares" if you have website access only you will need to print and then post off your "Application form" and Annual membership subscription. 

You can find the Owners Club application form if you use the button below. 

Body Panels.

Full outer sill O/S and N/S                                                                   

Inner Sill

Diaphram Centre Sills section.

Sill End Caps, Type A or B

Rear Floor Pan Repair O/S or N/S

Front Floor Pan O/S or N/S

Floor Edge Repair Centre O/S or N/S

Floor Edge repair Rear O/S or N/S

Inner Rear Rear Wing O/S or N/S

Boot Floor repair O/S or N/S

Rear Wing lower corner O/S or N/S

Rear Number plate Light panel  (Consul).

Rear Valence.

Rear Wheel Arch O/S or N/S

Jacking point (Saloon only).

Rear outrigger.

Kick panel O/S or N/S.

Wing Brace repair O/S or N/S

Splash Panels O/S or N/S. 

Front Wing Head Lamp Top Repair.

Front Wing Head Lamp Front plate.

Z/Z Front Wing Rear Edge repair O/S or N/S. 

Consul Front Wing Rear Edge repair O/s or N/S.

Inner Wing repair O/S or N/S.

Turret repair.

Consul Bonnet repair.

Z/Z Bonnet repair. 

Saloon Door Skin Front O/S or N/S.

Saloon Door Skin Rear O/S or N/S.

ConvertIble Door Skin O/S or N/S.

Rubber Extrusions and Sponge extrusions.

Rear Windscreen rubber L/L.

Rear Windscreen Filler strip.

Front Windscreen rubbers L/L. 

Door rubber seals for 4 doors.

Boot rubber seal kit (2 parts).

Convertible rear side window rubbers.

Door check rubber buffers available as a set of 4 or single.

Trim Clips and rivets (50). 

Top & Bottom Radiator Hoses (H/L or L/L).

Self adhesive Rear lens Gasket (Consul L/L). 



Boot Script

375 Boot Script

Wing Script.

Bonnet Letters

Automatic script.

Deluxe script.

Half Moons pair.

Rear Light surround L/L.

Stainless steel Consul Deluxe strips (4). 


Boot Script

Automatic script.

Wing Script.

Bonnet Letters.


Boot Script

Wing Script.

Bonnet LettersH/L.

Bonnet Script L/L.

Reflector Housing (pair).

Dog Legs. (pair).

Automatic script (Gold).

All Models.

Outer Door Handles.

Chrome Headlamp bezels (L/L pair).

Ford Triangle Chrome (pair).

Ford Triangle Gold (pair).

Convertible boot hinges (pair).

Convertible boot handle.

Gear Link Bushes( not the rubber).

Gear Link bush rubbers.

Script holders.

Heater valve rubber.

Switch decal set L/L (6).

Buttons for switch centres L/L (6).

Trim rivets (bag 50).

Button Badge( rear pillar / adhesive).

Copper Head Gasket (6 cyl).

Copper Head gasket (4 cyl).

Bonnet wing Rubbers.

Fuel flap lower rubbers (pair).

Mechanical Spares.


Fan Belt.

Consul Points.

Z/Z Points.


Rotor Arm (Consul).

Rotor Arm (Z/Z).

Fuel Pump Inner Diaphram Oil seal.

Core Plug set Z/Z.

Core Plug set Consul. 

Cam Chain tensioner support.

Carb to Oil filter Shaped Hose.

Dynamo Brush set.



Clutch Slave Cylinder repair kit.

Gearbox Gasket Kit (Inc Oil seal).


Oil Seals.

Half Shaft Oil seal. 

Valve stem Oil seals. (Consul and Z/Z).

Front Hub Bearing seal.

Diff Pinion Oil seal.

Front Crank Oil seal.

Rear Bearing Seal.

Gearbox Rear Oil seal.



Front Brake Adjuster.

Rear Brake Adjuster.

Front Wheel cylinder repair kit.

Rear Wheel cylinder repair kit (drums).

Rear Wheel cylinder repair kit (disc).


Track Control Arms.

Outer Track Rod ends.

Inner Track Rod ends, L/L.

Steering Drag rod link.

Steering Drag rod Link repair kit.

Outer Track Control Arm bush.

Anti Roll bar Adjustment kit. 

Anti Roll bar mounting Bushes.

Front Wheel bearing Kits.

Rear Wheel bearing Kits. 



Consul Front side Light lens.

Consul Front side Light rims.

Consul rear stop lens.

Consul Rear Indicator lens. 


Gearbox Rear Oil seal.