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The owners club caters for all types of Mk11 Consul's , Zephyr's and Zodiac's .Condition and originality isn't an issue and all owners and non-owners are welcome to join .The club members are only to willing to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with anyone that wants information whether it be technical , historical or for mere friendly conversation .Follow the link to the Guestbook ,and you can view the many entries by present subscribers .Also the club has a spare parts section with body panels , chrome , regalia etc on offer.  

      There is an annual Mk11 weekender .It is very well attended ,and it's a great occasion for meeting fellow enthusiasts and sample the owners club experience with lots of other cars . Entertainment is usually on offer as well as camping facilities .

Club member figures at the moment are a healthy 400 .Should you wish to join the club there is a joining form  which can be printed off and forwarded with your fee to the address stated .By joining you will have access to the aforementioned spares ,you will have access to the members section of this website and recieve a monthly magazine packed with articles ,for sale notices and all things MK11 .

The following item is a little history of the club from it's original founder  .....

How the Club was formed by Dave Debenham (1)

Although I owned a MK11Consul Convertible, I joined the MK1 O/C. (of which I’m still a member) & went on a run to Brighton with them, in 1976,on that run was a chap called Ken Titchmarsh, who also had a Convertible MK11,& another chap called Rod Charmers who had a Zoddy, we got talking & decided to form a club for MK11s, (because there was not one at that time).But as it turned out neither of them were interested in forming the club, so yours truly started it off, by placing an Ad in Exchange & Mart (remember it ?) asking for anyone interested to contact me. I received 18 replies

Thus aided by Dave Berry the original Sec. of the MK1 Owners Club. (Who now lives in Australia?) I went onto form the First Club for the Ford MK11 models in August 1977, aided by my late wife Wendy. (In those days we ran the club on our own, except for Dick Smith as treasurer,(and still is) thus we were Sec./Editor./Mem.Sec./Etc

I sent my 1st "Newsletter" out in Sept of that year, (this was just a single page typed sheet back then) and we got the 18 to join as members!   By the time I handed the job over in about 1992 we had 1124. I have retained the post of Honorary President since then.

 Now 16yrs later, I’ve been asked back to the post of Secretary & hoping to build those numbers back up, with the help of the Committee members, and you the Members.

I went onto own the convertible for over 20yrs.My biggest achievement, apart from maybe the club, must be in getting 114 MK11’s together on our own Brighton run in 1982. 

       Dave Debenham tribute 2012 .

Sadly Dave Debenham passed away earlier this year and his funeral was held in Chichester in May . Family ,friends and club colleagues attended with their cars  . There was a low key rock n roll celebration of Dave's life  after the funeral and everyone agreed this is a fitting way for him to be remembered . Articles from our club magazine News on Twos can be seen in the links below . A huge thanks to Dave and his family from everyone  and especially for his huge devotion to  Mk11's and the owners club . 

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