Welcome to the Mk11's buyers guide page

On this page you will find our handy guide's to buying a MK11 Consul, Zephyr or Zodiac. Please also examine carefully the Club spare pictures ( 3 pages in the "Show n Shine  gallery) for Panels, these are a good reference when examining a car, firstly to know what parts are available to Full Club members and also as a reference to repairs that may have bee carried out in the past.

The guides are not specific to any particular model but certain body types and features are referred to. They have lots of information of what to look for when buying a MK11. Not everything is covered but never the less, they are very comprehensive and coupled with a lot of common sense, the guide's will prove invaluable for any prospective purchase. It is very wise to carry out as much research as possible before buying any classic car as mistakes can be made which could prove costly. Feel free to print the item's and use them for reference purposes only. The link on this pages are online in a PDF format, please be patient as pages may take a few seconds to download.

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If you are thinking of viewing or purchasing a MK11 why not post and see if a member can assist you and give some advice. They may be willing to travel and offer assistance when you go to see a prospective purchase. Please be sensible when asking these fine people to help you as travelling 100's of miles and the time it takes isn't really practical. Try and find a recommended Local member of the club or visit the Links page as some of our specialist restorers may well be approachable.


  • This buyers guide & it's contents are only meant for reference purposes.
  • They are there to aid the buyer to make a more informed decision .
  • It is by no means legally binding and it is only there to offer help and support .
  • The information & opinions that are stated in the guide have been gleaned form various sources.

Also the advice that members may offer is only to be taken in the spirit that it is meant for, and as a helpful aid to buying a Mk1I Consul, Zephyr or Zodiac.

This website and the Owners Club take no responsibility for any adverse outcomes that may come from car purchases.

He or she must make his or her own mind up when faced with the decision to buy the car or not.